Game Rules

Updated: August 15, 2022

1.1 User scripts with visual changes are permitted.
Monarchy is not affiliated with any user script, and use of 3rd party scripts is at your own risk.
   1.1.1 Any form of automation or botting is **not** allowed.
   1.1.2 Creation, distribution or conversation on bots or automation devices are not allowed.
   1.1.3 User scripts are under no circumstances allowed to make calls to the server.
   1.1.4 The only allowed way to create actions in the game is through the built-in buttons and inputs.

1.2 Only one account per player is allowed.
   1.2.1 Having multiple accounts is not allowed;alts are not allowed.
   1.2.2 Players must not share, transfer or lend their account to anyone else.
   1.2.3 Account boosting is not allowed (Utilizing an account for the sole benefit of one person).
   1.2.4 Don't impersonate others.

1.3 Trading any items, services or other things from outside of Monarchy for items, services or other things inside of Monarchy is against the rules.
Breaking this rule will result in a trade ban for both players and any gained advantage to be taken away.

1.4 Spamming multiple listings of the same item on market.
For example: putting several items at or around the same price in low quantities, would be considered spamming.

1.5 It is not allowed to exploit unintended bugs.
If you are found exploiting any bug your account involved will be banned. Bugs can be reported by going on #bug-reports channel on Discord. If it is high priority or otherwise game breaking it is recommended to contact an administrator directly and as quickly as possible.

These guidelines are non exhaustive, administrators will moderate at their discretion.
If you think an error was made by an administrator, feel free to contact the administrator via Discord to get it reviewed.

If you feel the rules are wrong, unfair, or incomplete, feel free to use the #feedback channel on Discord to get it reviewed.

Version 1.6.8
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