Admin Update

September 19, 2022

Monarchy Development Change

Poll Results

As of now 55% of people have voted that Monarchy rebuilds from the ground up. There has been a whole bunch of support from people regarding this decision and I want to thank everyone who left a comment or reached out personally to offer their support and help in the decision.

To that end here are the next steps and what it means for Monarchy.

Next steps

MonarchyGame.net will remain live to serve as a ‘concept’ for what the new Monarchy would look like. The code will remain more or less untouched and people may choose to continue playing or not.

I will reset the development/test servers, removing all code and assets to become a new workspace for the new code. Any development aside from only a very small handful of sensitive information will be completely done via live-stream via Twitch with VODs being posted to Youtube for anyone interested in the development but not able to be there during stream times.


Development will begin again within the next week or two! I simply need to prepare for the new environment, finish settling in from my move and buy a 2nd monitor for my laptop (streaming will be more difficult with the one screen!)

We will begin with the following areas

  1. Documentation: I will be planning out some of the initial frameworking and database layouts. I will have to set things up a little differently to obscure any sensitive information.
  2. Convert style framework: I will most likely go with using AdminLTE (built on Bootstrap 4) for the style and layout for the backend. This will make things go much faster as I won’t have to worry about styling every element from the ground up!
  3. Build initial database tables: I’ll need to make sure the user table is ready to accept data for user registration and access levels to keep things safe and secure!
  4. Begin building the framework: I will start working on database connection, routing, access and security.
  5. Build an Admin Panel: Create a user management system, notification system, item management system, blog/news system and more!
  6. Create the front end styling: It is as it sounds
  7. Begin creating the game: More planning, documentation and work toward the actual game can begin again!

The development will be a great chance for you to see how the game is developed, learn some coding yourself as I walk you through some aspects of the code or break down how something works if requested and to offer your feedback/suggestions on the area being worked on.

Support the development

  1. In an ideal world, I would love to work full time on this project, however it’s not an ideal world and I will have to maintain a day job as I work on Monarchy. However, if you would like to help cover costs of hosting and help me work toward full time development, you can support me even without spending any money!
  2. The twitch account is already an associate, meaning it brings in ad revenue. Even if you don’t want to listen in, simply having the stream open and receiving ads in the background helps with funding
  3. Continue scrolling to the bottom of the game on monarchygame.com while logged in and let google ads display. We get revenue from impressions and clicks for the ad at the bottom of the page!
  4. Subscribe to the youtube channel and run the VODs in the background to help it get monetized!
  5. Amazon Prime member? You get a free twitch subscription! You can use that to support the channel, remove ads, get access to additional features and get twitch to pay a small amount to us for free!
  6. Patrion and Buy Me a Coffee will remain open for monthly or one-off donations!

Donate cheers, bits or subscribe via twitch!

Any of the above will help generate revenue which will in turn help me with developing Monarchy and should I reach a point where I can work full time on this, the game will be ready much faster!


Admin Update

September 05, 2022



We have raised enough to cover the hosting this month within just a few hours!
Thank you so much to everyone who has donated!
If you would still like to support development going forward, the Buy Me A Coffee and Patreon accounts are always accessable!

With huge support and interest from players, we really built up a lot more people than I was ever expecting, turning an expected $30 hosting bill into $90+

With the amount of daily users along with a couple of attacks we had which used up a ton of bandwidth, the hosting cost is just too high this month. While I have done a LOT of optimizing which will help hugely going forward, that unfortunately doesn't back-track our hosting bill.

To that end we may be looking at a 1-2 month down period until I can afford to continue with hosting again (This really just is a bad month is all it comes down to).

If you would like to help prevent the down time, some community members have suggested a small community fund raiser, there is absolutely no requirement to donate but if you would like to there are 2 methods which will have quick payouts which will allow me to pay the bill in time.

You can either Buy me a coffeeTea: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/lostfables
Patreon is also open if you would prefer! https://www.patreon.com/MonarchyGame

If you would like to be credited, be sure to place your username in the comment of your donation!

Should we not manage to reach the goal, I will still continue to develop and any funds that are donated will be used in the next billing cycle for hosting.

We'll be available as always on the Discord so if you want to keep up with development during any downtime, I will be posting there regularly!

Thank you to everyone for supporting Monarchy thus far, be it giving feedback, taking part in the community or simply enjoying the game/sharing it with friends! You're all fantastic!


Survey Results

August 26, 2022

State of Monarchy

I recently released a form to gather information from the player base regarding the state of Monarchy. The results were very eye opening. In this report I will reveal some anonymous statistics on the results, address what has been learned and outline some changes with the Discord community moving forward.


What would you prefer was focused on in the short term?


  1. Time taken to refine current features (UI/Usability/Expanding current content)
  2. More new features (Dungeoneering/Guilds/Quests/World Bosses)
  3. Other


  1. 51.9%
  2. 44.4%
  3. 3.7

Take Away

Based on this, there is almost a 50/50 split leaning towards refinement.

Taking peoples comments into account, I can see valid points on both sides.


Both are important to consider and going forward I intend to split my time between the two. As major updates are released, some UI/QoL improvements will be released with them, along with a short development period leading up to the next feature release will focus on refinement.

Do you care about story elements?


  1. Yes
  2. No


  1. 66.7
  2. 33.3

Take Away

The majority seem to care about story elements.


While this isn’t something I can fully take action on right away, this has influenced my timeline for working on more story driven elements to the game and therefore will be raised a little higher in my timeline.

Opinions on the game

There has been an overwhelming amount of people requesting some specific changes.

One was the energy, asking it to be raised (specifically to 60 in most cases). This has also been requested a lot in the Discord Suggestions. Before starting this survey there was already a plan to raise this which was implemented with the crafting update! Therefore these have already been addressed.

The second most requested change, which is also a popular request in discord, is the ability to set a number of actions to take in one click. This has also been addressed and added to the game!

These have boosted the QoL of the game somewhat, along with some other small changes, some of which were requested prior.

There are other varying feature requests between the survey and discord. All of them will be considered, however there can be no definite answer nor complete timeline for implementation.

There have been some negative opinions surrounding energy. I am completely aware there are people who dislike this feature and I absolutely agree that it is not a perfect system. There are very good reasons for it to be in place and it is going to take some time to work on the best solution to this. So please note that I agree and am working on a new/improved version of the energy system, however this will take time to properly implement into the game.

Opinions on the community

There have been mixed results when it comes to the community. It seems as though a majority of users in the discord community dislike debates or topics that get out of hand or continuously come up even after they’ve been addressed, specifically in general chat. 

Additionally, it’s been pointed out that occasionally people can be inconsiderate about what they are posting and where it is being posted, which can lead to off topic chat cluttering up game related text channels. This often discourages chatter about the game for people who otherwise might have engaged more.

This behavior becomes more detrimental to a growing/thriving community. Therefore there are some changes to be made which will be addressed further down in this report.

Overall, however, there has been some good feedback about the activities and behaviors in discord which we would like to continue!

People find the server overall welcoming to new users. When someone appears in the #welcome channel, many community members are quick to react in welcoming them, which gives a great first impression to our community!

Many have expressed how they find the discussion about odds, best activities and breakdowns of numbers to be either interesting or helpful to them. This pertains mostly to the #mad-strats channel. This is highly encouraged, especially in the designated channel. There are no plans to change this going forward, instead this section is just to say thank you to the users who put in the time to provide interest to the community! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

There has been an overall positive response to having the debate channel set up. Those who are fed up with the debates can easily mute the channel to avoid them. As it is such a small number of the community that take part in the debates, we will ensure this channel is utilized for any future debates and keep them out of other channels. I believe it is important to allow people to give their opinions and voice their concerns which is why the debate channel was set up in the first place, so while some users do not like the debates, there are no plans to remove this channel to allow people to keep their voice.

The larger community

While Discord seems to be the center of the community, in reality it makes up for a very small portion of the active community. Recently I checked up on active users based on their last activity vs the date they signed up. It appears that we have on average 140 active users daily! This is much higher than I would have guessed and coupled with the level of responses we got on the survey shows that our active discord community really is such a small section of the overall community. (With the majority being either lurkers or non-discord members).

Recently, I have taken a step back from discord, becoming less involved in debates or repeat topics that members continually bring up despite being addressed many times over. I have instead allowed the mods to step in more and perform their roles in policing our rules/policies. This is so I can focus more on development and QoL improvements in order to keep improving and furthering the state of Monarchy.

Discord Changes

With the mods being given more responsibilities in ensuring Discord remains a warm and welcoming place, there will be more strict measures set to ensure our rules are enforced.


Debates will be banned from any channel other than #debate - Mods will ask you to move your debate there if something starts in another channel. Failure to instantly stop the debate in the channel will result in a warning and continued offenses will result in timeouts. It is important to us that, especially the general chat, remains on topic.

General Chat

General Chat will be the main place where people will talk about the game, discuss what there is to do, what their goals are, share ideas and information. It is not a place to moan/whine/complain or be salty. There will still be a place for these conversations, going forward people will be asked to take these topics as well as other off-topic conversations to the new #off-topic channel.

@everyone tag

The everyone tag will be phased out. It is apparent that not everyone cares about specific topics/updates. Therefore we will be implementing the following react roles:

@Game Announcements

For people who want to be pinged when there's a game announcement.

@Change Log

For people who want to be pinged any time the change log is updated


For people who want to be pinged when ever there is a 'fun' poll


For people who want to be tagged in Official Events

Now you will only be tagged in anything you find relevant to yourself with the everyone tag being used very sparsely for very big/important announcements that are likely to affect/concern everybody.

Community Take away

To our currently active discord community, we ask that you be understanding and respectful of these changes, and know that it is for the betterment of the community as a whole, to encourage more people to come and enjoy the more social aspects of the game. We appreciate you and all your enthusiasm and love to have you keeping the spirits high, being welcoming and helpful to people's questions and concerns. Our only goal is to help discord grow.

To our larger community, we encourage you to come and say hi. Ask any questions you have, let us know what your goals are, what you’re working towards and what you’re enjoying. Feel free to discuss your findings, work with other community members to get good trade deals or find the resources you’re missing. We’d love to see you pop by. - Though if you don’t enjoy the social aspects, we appreciate you enjoying the game in your own way. A lot of work is going to be done to ensure you have access to information directly from the website and if it is more preferable to you, you do not have to use discord at all!

I am working on ways for you to get your opinions and suggestions heard without having to rely on discord. That will be coming in an upcoming update, please be patient until then as it takes time to create the content to give you that independence.


Upcoming Change

August 26, 2022

Introducing Iron

As the treasury has already hit over 10 Platinum it has been decided that another coin should be introduced.

This will not mean any changes to the game at all in terms of values, it is purely a visual change.

All silver ore and coins become iron. All gold ore and coins become silver. All Platinum coins become gold and platinum coins become the next higher value.

When the update goes live, you will notice all currently held coins and ore simply change to the new visuals. Nothing more.

(Mining will not change, silver ore replacing gold will now be the highest value you get from the mine. A future update may reintroduce gold ore but this will be confirmed later if it is to be the case).

If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out in the discord, however as explained the change will be visual only.

This change will be expected to go out either today or tomorrow.


Feature Update

August 22, 2022


Professions alone are pretty huge, crafting is bigger. But there’s more than that!

Read on to learn about everything coming in this update!


Players may now choose a profession to focus on.

The system is designed to give advantage to someone focusing on one skill to utilize its resources in their profession

Exploration > Alchemy

Mining > Smith

Hunter > Tailor

Woodcutter > Carpenter

Players may however continue gathering resources from any of the skills, however the ‘base’ ingredient in any of their professions crafting will stem from the primary skill linked with that profession.

To start your profession, simply click the ‘profession’ link in the left menu and buy a plot of land. Once bought choose your profession wisely as you will not be able to revert your decision. This is because choosing a profession will begin the construction of the workshop. You will need to gather resources (By either spending energy on activities or coins in the market).

Only once you’ve finished your construction can you then craft items from your chosen profession.


All crafting recipes use 2-3 ingredients. Most of these are designed to work with other professions to encourage trade on the market. While you gather your primary ingredients, you can use them both in craft and trade to get your secondary ingredients.

2 ingredient recipes are your basic/standard crafts.

3 ingredient recipes are advanced crafts.

The recipe card will tell you what ingredients you need and how many you currently have. It will also cost 10 energy to craft.


You can now equip certain items from crafting. You will have 2 slots for equippables

Tool Slot: This includes Bow, Pickaxe Oil, Backpack and Stone Axe

Shoe Slot: Currently the only item are the Cloth Shoes

Unequipping an item will ‘destroy’ it and allow you to equip a new item.

Using an item will use up its durability when an action is successful.

Potions (such as ‘Odds Potion’) will use part of its ‘power’ on every action, even if you don’t get a rarer item, your odds have still been boosted!

You can manage your equips on the ‘profile’ tab.

Energy Max

Many of you have been asking for this a lot, I’ve been listening and this update means you get an extra 30 energy! (A new maximum of 60 energy)!

More 'new user' friendly!

Due to the size of this update, the focus on QoL and improving new user friendliness, I have to admit are quite small. However a number of pages now come with small tooltips on the titles which you can hover over (/press on mobile) to get a small tooltip to give you a better idea about the page.


There has been a slight rebalance to Solar Flowers. You now get slightly better odds of finding a Solar Flower in Exploration!


Feature Update

August 17, 2022

Player Market

The Player Market is now Live!

Remember to report any issues as soon as possible in the discord Bug Reports channel! - Be ready for Maintenance Mode for fixes to any serious issues! As always I ask you to be patient with me during this period.

I have also made some QoL updates. Activity buttons are now above the activity info. This should make them easier to click on smaller screens/devices.

Issues with being logged out have been looked into. It has been soft tested but not fully confirmed. Please try to update me if you are staying logged in or if you get logged out before 24 hours of inactivity!

I hope you all enjoy this update, next up: Crafting/Professions/Businesses!!!


Admin Update

August 16, 2022

A note in response to construction tokens x resources

I am aware there are individuals who feel the amount of construction tokens players are able to gain from resources compared to what they were able to get from coins is unfair.

Before I explain further, I want to outline the following:

I have always expressed how Monarchy is a hobby project on a very large/ambitious scale for one person. The community has been very supportive and a lot of changes in both current features and future plans have been changed based on community feedback. Your continued feedback and support is greatly appreciated, always!

It is also well known that this project is in very early stages. I have always explained how things will be changed throughout development, that mistakes will be made but I’ll always do my best to find a fair approach to dealing with them.

Now back to construction tokens

The issues

  1. Coins were much easier to get than resources, making the amount of construction tokens (or as ‘shares’ as they were originally) you could get was much higher. Resources were highly valued in terms of coin value you could get too.
  2. Keeping that conversion, where everyone now gets tokens, would cause a lot of issues in database storage, changing to BigInt causes a huge strain on database/server operations.
  3. Players feel this change in conversion will be unfair on new players joining after the fact and that they will be very far behind them.

How Construction Tokens work

Construction tokens in the beginning will be able to be converted into coins or shares, alternatively players may keep hold of them. I believe the conversion to shares is the real issue that is being pointed out in this scenario.

Using Shares

More shares does not mean however you will be the "top player". Shares early on will mean a few things

  • You will be one of the first to reach political/noble titles/positions once it releases (Someone has to be first)
  • You will be able to sell shares on the market for profit depending on a fluctuating buy/sell value.
  • You will have some additional voting power in some in-game decisions
  • With shares being sold on the market, this will already lower the amount some players hold and open up to new players directly buying them from the market. So while they may not have participated in construction early on, they can still gain access to shares.
  • Construction projects will not go on forever. Eventually there won’t be new features, the game has to end somewhere. So with that in mind, anyone who joins after the game is released will have no chance of ever getting construction tokens again. Meaning shares in circulation will be the only shares available in the game.
  • To counter players quitting and effectively removing shares from the game. There will be an inactivity period where shares will be relinquished from inactive players (To be fleshed out more in the future).

Another point is that shares are not the only way to progress in monarchy. Just like activities and professions, there are going to be many paths through the game where everyone has a chance to make it somewhere regardless of coins, shares, levels etc. Albeit with a higher difficulty.

To that end, having gotten more shares early will not overly affect the end game or progression of new players who join at that stage. It will not stop anyone with shares from being removed from power (Voting/Revolting/quitting etc). You are merely getting a head start, which as the first players to the game, you are already getting.

With all of that being said, I understand that you all want to help, give feedback and support the game. But I do please ask that you do not jump to conclusions and remember that you don’t always have the bigger picture. I am constantly working in the background to consider all points brought forward, however if they are not always responded to in this way (because I don’t want to have to write an entire explanation for every situation) that you please trust that everything is being taken into account and that I am always doing everything I can to make an enjoyable experience for everyone.



August 16, 2022


What you need to know

‘Old’ shares were converted 1:1 into ‘Construction Tokens’ this is because it can be difficult to calculate a ratio on construction projects to make changes in share costs.

To that end, construction points will now be used and traded into shares at different ratios. The first round will be the most rewarding round to convert building points. After the first round, Shares will never be converted as low again (from Construction Tokens). This is your incentive to convert them as soon as the update comes out.

Future construction projects will no longer be funded with any coin value, instead it will purely be resources that will be rewarded with 1:1 Construction Points

When the ‘Token Market’ opens, players will have these initial options

  • Convert tokens back into shares at a ratio conversion
  • Convert tokens into coins at a ratio conversion

Using Shares

Shares are still a little ways off before they can be implemented into the game fully. However the initial concept is as follows

Shares will vary in value over time. Sometimes the market price will rise, other times it may fall. People can choose to sell them to the treasury or buy from the treasury when they feel the price is right for them. The treasury will only ever sell shares that have been sold to it by other players. The only way to get new shares will remain as construction projects

Shares will be used in the first version of a future ‘Nobility’ system. Initial shareholders, having more shares means you will be granted a higher title sooner. (However it will be possible to lose that title regardless of shares depending on in game situations)

There will be various in-game voting revolving around Nobility, Political Stations and Official Posts. Shareholders, regardless of in-game ranks/titles will have more voting power than those with less shares than them. However some things may be able to be overruled by select in game positions.

Please note

Any questions on concept systems will not be answered at this time. This is simply because as the game has developed, most systems have been fundamentally changed as they did not fit the overall vision in their current state. Please refrain from asking about these systems, however feel free to discuss them amongst yourselves if you wish to.


Game Update

August 16, 2022

Crafting Update


Simple, right? Grab some raw ingredients, put them into a grid and push them all together and APRESTO! You got yourself a whole new god damn shiny new, beautiful work of art!

Well.. No, not really.


Every good crafter needs a place to work. Take a blacksmith for example. They need a forge! That foge is gonna need some heat, that’s where wood comes in. Where am I going to build all of this? I better get myself some of that good ‘ol land!


A good, prosperous business takes a lot of time and effort. Better focus on just the one for now, eh? Let’s grab that land, grab some construction resources and get a building together. Phew, now that’s a lot of work!

About the update

Actually this is the ‘business’ update. Here’s how it all fits together.

Land will be available to purchase and your entrepreneurial spirit will be fueled so much that you’re going to gather some wood, stone, leather and water (Morning Dew) to start your own personal construction process.

Over time, you will build up your workstation where you will finally be able to craft in your specialized area.


Blacksmiths make the weapons, armor and tools that empower players to remain at peak performance!

Smithing Cost:

Fuel your forge with wood! Fill it with ore and get hammerin’

Energy Cost:

It’s going to take time to heat your forge and prepare everything for crafting. The more complex the item, the more energy it’s going to take to prep!

Wait: It takes time for all that metal to melt, mold and temper. You will be able to make one item at a time and won’t be able to do other activities.


Buildings need furniture. Weapons and tools need handles. Harder wood is needed for bigger buildings or stronger tools.

Carpentry Cost:

Wood is your primary resource, but you’ll be needing a bit of pointy metal to keep it all held together.!

Energy Cost:

Better take stock, take measurements and draw up blueprints. That’s got to be tiring.

Wait: A true craftsman takes their time to perfect his craft. You’ll only be able to make one item at a time and won’t be able to do other activities.


Your exploration has helped you to identify a vast amount of ingredients that could be used to make potions!

Alchemy Cost:

Morning dew makes the base of any good potion. But many animals have little bits and pieces that make for great reactions!

Energy Cost:

Make sure you’ve measured out the ingredients. Double check your notes and time the cooking process well.

Wait: Keep stirring. If you let your potion set too soon then it’ll set too soon! Luckily you can double your ingredients to make multiple potions at once (If you have enough materials!). You won’t be able to do any other activities at the same time.


Sometimes it pays to be a generalist, and everyone who wants to show status needs good clothing! What about banners to show status? Maybe curtains for people’s windows? So much that only a tailor could offer!

Tailoring Cost:

You’re going to need to hunt some wool. And don’t forget to wash that festering smell of dead carcass out before you sell it!

Energy Cost:

Make sure you’ve threaded your needles! Measure and cut the fabric and get the loom set up!

Wait: you’re going to need to stay focused on what you’re doing. Better not try to do something else at the same time or you might poke yourself with a needle!

Addressing possible player concerns

Alchemists can still do things while crafting!?

Alchemists need rare ingredients to brew. Other professions can craft a lot with more common items. Alchemists will typically be explorers who are more likely to add Morning Dew into the market.

What if no one is selling the ingredients I need!?

All skills will still be available to everyone. You can mine, woodcut, explore, hunt etc at any time to gather resources for yourself if really needed!


Game Update v1.4.0

August 14, 2022

Welcome Back

Finally, news posts!

We've finished the construction for the Licensing office and thanks to that, we have a bunch of new features such leaderboards (With an added bonus). A highly requested level progress bar on activity pages, 4 skills (splitting gathering into Mining and Woodcutting) and tons of small fixes that makes the game chug along!

This will be an exciting week. We'll be starting construction of the player market. I'll be releasing the first Real look into crafting! And I'll finally be releasing more information into 'Construction Tokens' You may have noticed that your shares have already been converted to 'Construction Tokens' in preparation for this!

For now, have a look around and check out the new features. Soon a new announcement will be released with many more exciting updates to come!

Version 1.6.8
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