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It's tough working alone. With so many moving parts, additional help is always something that will be recieved well. Do you want to help? See below the roles we're looking for!

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It would always be nice to have an artist to work on some custom art for us (I’m mainly using assets I’ve bought from bundles right now). If you check out the media posts, I’m looking for that quality/style (Or if you have a unique style but you would need to redo all currently used assets to match).

Feature Crafter

Someone is required to help with coming up with and fleshing out ideas for game features (Yes, I really am asking for an ‘ideas’ guy! But ‘Feature Crafter’ sounds much more elegant, right?) The catch? We have very specific requirements, limitations and considerations when it comes to features, be that the overall balance, the limitations of the coding, the type of audience, the way it would interact with other features and system etc. I’m not looking for someone to just blurt out any old idea. I need someone who can do some research, take good notes and understand the limitations/conditions that are set and work with it to create ideas we can work with!


I’ll be honest, discord is very empty right now. But if there is someone very active and willing to learn all about the game as it’s being developed, gain a deep knowledge of how everything works, what’s being planned and how to solve issues (Along with being able to do all the good stuff a mod should do) then feel free to reach out. - You MUST be unbiased, professional, have a helpful ‘can-do’ attitude and not easy to anger.

Game Balancer

Monarchy needs balance, and a lot of it. In the backend it’s an economy experiment and that requires a lot of work and a ton of math to achieve.

I’m looking for someone who is good at math, isn’t afraid of a google spreadsheet (or ten), good organization and presentation, and preferably has experience in good balancing and economy. (I know, it’s not often you see this type of role listed right!?)

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