How it works

Monarchy is currently in development!

Economy is a big part of Monarchy. Money doesn't just come out of thin air, it comes from raw materials. Sell ores to the treasury and they’ll be smelted into coins. Sell items to the treasury and the money comes out of the treasury.
Everything is centered around balance in the economy, and the players are an integral part of its fall/rise.



The mine is owned by the state, however they allow you to mine in there and sell the ore to them. If you find copper, you can sell it for 1 copper coin. If you're lucky enough to find iron, you can sell it for 1 iron coin. Finally if you have the great fortune of finding silver, you can sell it for 1 silver coin!

The state smelts the ore into coins, making an additional coin which goes into the treasury.


You can use energy to cut wood instead, you will get 1-3 wood per energy spent. However it is not recommended to sell this wood. Selling wood to the state will only make you 1 copper per item which will come out of the treasury. If the treasury is empty then you will not be able to sell the wood!


Hunting is a great way to get a lot of diverse resources! Fight, get a bounty paid by the treasury and collect loot! Either sell the loot for more profits or use it in crafting


Become an explorer, find rare resources that can be used in Alchemy or sell them for profit! You'll be able to find some basic resoruces needed in many areas of the game.


Construction Projects

Once the treasury makes enough money, it will begin to construct new projects. Players may sometimes get to vote on the project before hand. Some projects will cost more than others so you can vote to build something cheaper or save up the treasury to build something bigger!

Buildings give new game features. For example a hunting lodge will allow players to start hunting tasks where the treasury will pay a bounty. Or a tavern will unlock gambling where you can try your luck on winning a fortune!

Every skill area will have a resource that they can contribute to construction.

Want to play?

As the game goes on and more features are added, the ones who start early stand to gain the most!

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Monarchy is in early development. Balance and features will change throughout. By playing now you are getting to play test the game as it grows, however anything can be subject to change. Wether you feel the changes are fair or not, the game can not always benefit you in this state.

While Monarchy aims to create fairness and balance, mistakes may be made, changes will be put into place to fix issues for future players and sometimes we will simply have to deal with it and move on.

If this doesn't sound like something you can cope with, it is recommended to join once Monarchy reaches version 2.

Version 1.6.8
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