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March 14, 2019

New Updates;

Dear Reader,

Hello, we have new updates!


Bank: The bank will allow you to invest your money to make 1% interest each day!

(Please note that in testing this system some users balance may have dropped slightly, sorry D:  )


Palace: The Palace will allow you to view and join Monarchys. These are essentially guilds. At the moment there is only one available for testing. Please feel free to join this Monarchy and help us to test the system! :)

We are currently working on balancing the game to ensure progression is felt without feeling too tedious, to that end any feedback on progression up to level 12 is appreciated.

~ Earl Grey

News Update

March 11, 2019

Welcome to Monarchy;

Dear Reader,

"The development of Monarchy has been going since 2017. During this time there has been a large issue in keeping active developers around, particuarly artists. Each time an artist leaves they take with them their art style, meaning development gets pushed back further and further

To counter this issue an art asset pack has been purchased in order to allow full development to continue, this however does mean that development revolves mainly around the items available in the art assets that were purchased. Luckily this contains a large amount of work and all in the same art style.

Please do let us know what you think of Monarch you can always leave feedback/suggestions in the Ticket System

In the meantime, please enjoy Monarchy! We've put a lot of effort into making this game the wonderful place it is. Join our Community in Discord!

~ Earl Grey



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