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Here you can learn a little about our humble project!

We are currently working on a Multiplayer Browser Game. The idea behind it involves many different systems which I will break down in a little more detail. If you would like to first have a little play around with current implemented systems, feel free to register an account.

Our Long-Term Goal

While the game is to be updated with new features planned on a regular basis, some features will require constant additions. The most notable is our Quest Lines. Here is a quick example of how quests work

  1. Writing - The quest begins with a story line. A series of scenes where in the player must make multiple choices. One choice will progress the plot and the other will end it.
  2. Artwork - Artwork will be created to bring the scene to life. Each scene will include a background and most notable poses for any characters within that scene.
  3. Rewards - Two types of rewards are offered for each quest. The standard reward for taking part (But not making it to the end) and the Special Reward for finishing the quest as intended.
  4. Main Plot Line - Once in a while we will introduce a series of main plot lines which will help to unravel the story of the Monarchy World.

Quest lines will become available as players level up within the game, matching experience and loot to help with the leveling curve somewhat. These will also come in the form of seasonal and/or random community events which will give the chance to earn some extra rewards or unique items.

Quests aren't the only thing we will be focusing on, these will simply give players fresh content to keep them entertained as we work on larger updates in the background. This project is planned to remain ongoing and to continue expanding and coming up with fresh ideas.

Can I try it out?

In order to play around, you just need to register an account as most of our features require specific player info which is stored in our database.

If you would like to help in further testings, feel free to join the discord channel!


  • This is NOT a finished or 'Open-Source' project
  • Some features are not yet available, feel free to look around the website but note that not everything will work as expected.
  • Your account may be deleted or modified at any time joining now will not guarantee that your account is safe or reserved. Testing may require removal of some or all accounts.
  • You are NOT yet a 'user' of this site by signing up now and thus will not be protected by any Terms and Conditions, policies or services. You will not have the outstanding rights of a user until launch.
  • You have the right to have your account removed at any time. Contact a member of the team to have your account removed.

Some Information

About Me!

First off, a little about me!
  • I go by the alias 'Earl Grey' which comes from a little inside joke within my game development group 'Novel Tea'
  • I am the project lead, I focus on web development most of all but have multiple years of project management experience which includes documentation, team building, marketing and community management.
  • Most notable project I have lead is for the Visual Novel 'Runeous' Available free on Steam
  • I am a web developer, not a designer. I work on backend systems and not making things look pretty
  • I have an unhealthy bacon addiction.

Game Systems

As previously mentioned, the game contains many systems (Some implemented, others not ready/visible and a few still in concept).

  • Stats - Players may train attack/defence up which will be the main stats used in fights.
  • Minigame - Minigames are a way for players to gain small boosts in areas such as money or experience
  • Quest - Currently in early stages, quests are simply ways to make money and experience but are evolving into a more dynamic system.
  • Monarchy - Currently in development. The 'group' system is functional (Members may join a monarch). This system needs fleshing out. The base system is in place and simply needs additional features.
  • Training - A way in which players can train attack/defence.

Who do we need?


There are many areas which need artists. If you feel you are more focused in a particular area or are able to cover multiple roles, please let us know;

  • Background Artist - There are many places which will require maps, full background images, this includes the main locations for doing quests, minigames, blacksmith, training, store, farm and so on...
  • Character Artist - Throughout the game there will be a number of notable NPCs which need to be created. This will include character design and in many cases, multiple poses. (Currently using assets from previous project as placeholders)
  • Item/Object Artist - There are many times items/objects are required such as equipment, loot and quest items.
  • Animal Artist - Animals such as beasts and pets are a part of our game and each will need to be tended to.

See some of the work our Artists have done currently


Quest lines are to become a huge area for players to advance in. To that end we need dedicated writers who are able to bring the quests to life. Consider locations, Characters, plot points and story progression;

  • Creative Freedom - Writers have the freedom to write the quest lines they feel would inspire players. There are plenty of different quest lines players could follow.
  • Choose your Difficulty - Some quests may be long and full of adventures. Consider long quests which release in chapters or create a short, heartwarming adventure. The choice is yours!
  • Seasonal Fun - It's great to get people excited about a holiday and with everyone already buzzing, why not take advantage of it with seasonal quest lines!?
  • Code Free! - As long as you consider the limitations toward quest coding, all you have to worry about is the writing and it will be implemented by our development team!

JavaScript Developer

We require a JS Developer to help with smaller aspects of the site. Some features require live screen updates from systems as small as countdown timers to as large as a character customization feature for profiles and registration. Your role would be varied yet crutial to the development - It is important you are aware of internet security and plan to protect against SQL Injections as a lot of our work requires a database connection. You will also be familiar with reading/writing a database.


At this time there are no duties involving members, however there are a lot of things to consider when being a moderator for this form of project. Most previous experience is redundent here so we're not looking for what you may have done in the past, instead we need dedication, patience and a sharp mind. This is more than just a 'throw-together' project and will be following rules and regulation as required by a gaming company, users are 'customers' which come with their own legal protection. We have to consider data protection and consumer rights. Heres a look at what you can expect in this role;

  • Training - You will learn how to use our custom admin system, editing player accounts to fix issues, credit players and award them for events along with many other duties. You will also be fully briefed about following data protection, logging complaints and handling situations professionally.
  • Mentoring - Your performance will be mentored to help you become the best you can be. This will help to build your skills and help you to gain experience in a professional environment.
  • Brain Storming - You are the ones using the admin system, you are the first people to notice and understand user issues and figure out what they think could be improved. During your role you will have the oppotunity to voice your ideas, improve our front and backend systems and shape the course of the entire project.
  • Community Management - There should never be a single 'Community Manager' rather everyone should understand what it means to communicate and imporve the experience of our users. You will be a friendly face offering help and support, leading events and gathering feedback
  • Personal Growth - Continue building your skills and portfolio with the things you learn during your time with us. Progress within our team hierarchy and learn how to manage other team members. Dedicate yourself, stick with it, take onboard advice and show that you genuninely care. There is always room to progress!

Let's build something amazing together!

This project is a huge undertaking and I know that it will take a lot of hard work and dedication from many people to achieve our goal. While the development can make use of placeholders, in order to bring the game to life it will take a large range of skill sets. By working together we can achieve a truly remarkable experience for all involved from the players, contributors and development team.

If you feel that this is a project you would like to dedicate yourself to and believe as much as we do that it will blossom into a wonderful experience, please do get in contact, we would love to hear from you!

Discord: EarlGrey#3855


Our discord channel!



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